Here are the bands foregoing billable hours in order to play Rockable Hours:

Chairman and the Bored is pleased to make its appearance at Rockable Hours.  Recently retired patent agent, full-time boat captain and part-time bass player Dallas Smith (not a country and western singer) will be holding down the low end on the bass (we hope he is better at the former than the latter). Litigation associate Matt Estabrooks, the driving beat behind Gowlings’ other band “the Well Hung Jury", will mark the time without the dockets.  Litigation partner Ben Duchesne will turn up his amps way, way too loud and switch guitars too often. Labour and Employment partner David Law will leave arbitrations aside for the night and return to his front-man roots singing the high notes, low notes and everything in between. ‍‍‍

Chairman and the Bored (Gowlings‍‍‍)


Caveat Rumpus (Department of Justic‍‍‍e / University of Ottawa law faculty)

Caveat Rumpus includes Professor Ian Kerr (drums), Shawn Brown (guitar), Mat Johns‍‍‍‍‍‍on (bass), Kirk Shannon (keys), Youri Tessier-Stall (Trumpet) and Max Binnie (vocals).

Plain Tiff and the Defendants (University of Ottawa law school)

Bail Denied (University of Ottawa law school)