Here are the bands foregoing billable hours in order to play Rockable Hours:

Herding Cats is made up of five lawyers from the Ottawa office of the law firm Gowling WLG: Daniel Boivin (vocals), Nick Boivin (bass and vocals), John Wilson (guitar and vocals), Matt Estabrooks ‍‍‍(drums) and Ben Duchesne‍‍‍ (guitar).

Herding Cats‍‍‍ (Gowlings)

Caveat Rumpus (Department o‍‍‍f Justice / University of Ottawa law faculty)

Caveat Rumpus includes Professor Ian Kerr (drums), Shawn Brown (guitar), Mat Johnson (bass), Kirk Shannon (keys), Youri Tessier-Stall (Trumpet) and Max Binnie (voc‍‍‍als).

Plain Tiff and the Defendants (University of Ottawa law school)

Bail Denied (University of Ottawa law school)‍‍‍

The New Originals (Perleys / Nelligans)

The New Originals includes lawyers from the law firm Perley, Robertson, Hill, McDougall: Martin St. Onge (guitar and vocals), and Andrew Lenz (guitar), and from the law firm Nelligan, O'Brien, Payne: Sean McGee (keyboards), and Steve Waller‍‍‍ (drums).