Here are the bands foregoing billable hours in order to play Rockable Hours:

Herding Cats is made up of three lawyers from the Ottawa office of the law firm Gowling WLG: Nathan Piche‍‍‍ (vocals), Matt Estabrooks (drums) and Ben Duchesne (guitar).

Herding Cats‍‍‍ (Gowlings)

Style of Cause (University of Ottawa law school)

The New Originals (Perleys /‍‍‍ Nelligans)

The New Originals includes lawyers from the law firm Perley, Robertson, Hill, McDougall: Martin St. Onge (guitar and vocals), and Andrew Lenz (guitar), and from the law firm Nelligan, O'Brien, Payne: Sean McGee (keyboards), and Steve Waller (drums), as well as Gowling WLG lawyer Ben Duchesne (bass).

Style of Cause is made up of law students from the University of Ottawa law school, including: Klara Danielson (Vocals), Donny Jackson (Drums), Alex Niro (Guitar, Vocals), Mike Saad (Guitar), Kevin Dias‍‍‍ (Bass), Nick Twarog (Keyboards).

Section 2 and the Subclauses (University of ‍‍‍Ottawa law school)

LateBy10 (Office of the Jud‍‍‍ge Advocate General)

LateBy10 includes lawyers from th‍‍‍e Office of the Judge Advocate General: Clark (vocals), Vihar Joshi (drums) and Dave Sinclair (bass); along with civilian scientist James Gupta (guitar).”